Pocket Guide to Northern Ireland - Conclusion

Source:A Pocket Guide to Northern Ireland [.mobi (Kindle), .epub (iPad, etc.)]
Author:War and Navy Departments, Washington, D.C.

THE Irish have already seen a lot of American soldiers. This gives you an advantage, for they already know pretty much what to expect, and you can learn from the experience of earlier arrivals. Every American soldier is an unofficial ambassador of good will.

A few important do’s and don’ts: Don’t criticize the food, the beer, the cigarettes. Avoid arguing religion or politics. Don’t throw your money around. Don’t tell them—let them tell you. In your dealings with the people of Northern Ireland, let this be your slogan:

It is common decency to treat your friends well; it is a military necessity to treat your allies well.

Yanks: British Views on America during the Second World War

This book comprises a selection of articles from the (British) Army Bureau of Current Affairs' WAR and CURRENT AFFAIRS pamphlets, all relating to America and, more particularly, to the relationship between the British and Americans during the Second World War.

"Our enemies are trying to make trouble between the British and the Americans during the war; they are certain to try it after they have been defeated, in the hope of escaping once more from the consequences of their crimes against humanity. It is our business to understand and work with the United States now and in peace-time; that means for us all at least to like and understand the Americans we meet."

ISBN: 978-1910375518