From A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837

Labasheeda - Lisgoold | Lisgriffin - Lyons

Labasheeda Lackagh (Galway) Lackagh (Kildare) Lackan Lackeen
Lacken Ladies'-Bridge Lady's-Island Ladytown Lagan
Lahinch Lambay Lambeg Lanesborough Langfield (East)
Langfield (West) Laracor Larah Larne Latteragh
Lattin Laurencetown Lavay Layde (Grange) Layde (Parish)
Lea Learmont Leck Leckarrow Lecken
Lecknowe Leckpatrick Leighlin (Old) Leighlin, Diocese of Leighlin-Bridge
Leighmoney LEITRIM Leitrim Towns Leitrim Topography Leitrim Climate
Leitrim Agriculture Leitrim Geology Leitrim Manufacturing Leitrim Rivers Leitrim Roads
Leitrim Antiquities Leitrim Leitrim Leitrim Village Leixlip
Lemanaghan Leney Lerrigs Leskinfere Letterkenny
Letterluna Lettermacward Lewisburgh Lickbla Lickerrig
Lickfinn Lickmolassy Lickoran Lifford LIMERICK
Limerick Towns Limerick Topography Limerick Agriculture Limerick Geology Limerick Manufactures
Limerick Antiquities LIMERICK CITY Limerick City Topography Limerick Barracks Limerick Manufacturing
Limerick Port Limerick Port Improvements Limerick Markets Limerick Corporation Limerick Government
Limerick Courthouse Limerick, Episcopal See of Limerick Cathedral Limerick Parishes Limerick Hospitals
Limerick Almshouses Limerick City Antiquities Limerick, Notable Men of Limerick (Little) Lisbellaw
Lisbunny Lisburn Liscanor Liscarrol Liscartin
Liscleary Liscoleman Lisdeen Lisdoonvarna Lisdowney
Lisgenan Lisgoold

Labasheeda - Lisgoold | Lisgriffin - Lyons

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