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Alleluia America! An Irish Journalist in Bush Country.

COLEMAN, Carole.

Dublin: Liffey Press, 2005. viii, 222 pages. Paperback.

In June 2004, Carole Coleman made world headlines when she interviewed President George Bush on live television, challenging him on the war in Iraq in a way that few journalists had done. This book begins with an account of that interview and its aftermath. But Alleluia America! goes beyond that, travelling deep into Bush's America, meeting many ordinary (and extraordinary) people. Carole Coleman's journey takes her from Washington DC to Monroe, Georgia from Annapolis to Delia, Kansas from Salt Lake City to Intercourse, Pennsylvania and from Midland, Texas to Guantanamo Bay. Along the way, she meets Baptists, Evangelical Christians, Catholics, Mormons, Amish, Jews, Muslims, and many shades between, and discovers that religion is far from a spent force, but has become the driving power that motivates people's lives, a wave that carried George W. Bush to a second term as US President. Poignant, amusing and insightful, Alleluia America! provides a rare and fascinating outsider's glimpse into the heart of God's Country.

USED. A very good copy.

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